Effective 7/6/2021
Concord Fire Department


The Stand-by Shift provides coverage during the A-Shift, 0700-1700 (7am-5-pm) B-Shift 2100-0700 (9pm-7am). A-Shift is made up of a crew of 3 firefighters.B-Shift is 1 crew member The Chief will assign shift OIC’s and Engineer for the shifts. PPE and Radio will be provided during the shift.




Minimum Qualifications


The following are minimum qualifications for the standby shift:


a.    At least twenty-one (18) years of age. B-Shift (21) years of age.


b.    Must have an active KY FF#


c.    Must be a EMR or above


d.    Current AED/CPR card


e.    Level I Certified Firefighter (150hr) 




g. All day shift volunteers or riders must complete a Volunteer day shift packet before covering or riding their first shift.


·      Application

·      Background check

·      Drug Screen

·      CFD SOP guidelines orientation

·     CFD equipment orientation  



h. Exceptions:


*If no one meets the minimum qualifications, then another member that comes closest will be chosen based upon the points system. If you do not meet the minimum qualifications please contact the Chief.



Any alterations for qualifications for filling in for the shift must be approved by the Chief.


i. Non member riders must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and can only ride with day shift crew if approved by officer on shift or the Chief. 


·      Must have an active KY FF#.

·      Must be active member on a Kentucky fire department.

·      Rider must have completed their basic 20 training fire hours.

·      Completed required shift packet.



Attendance Policies


a.    Shift volunteers are expected to remain at their assigned station for their entire shift schedule, except when required to leave on authorized business.


b.    All shift volunteers shall stay with their crew at all time (except for the 30 minute lunch break). Members can leave their crew only with approval from an officer on duty or the Chief but only for emergencies, doctors’ appointments, or something deemed necessary by the officer on duty or the Chief.


c.    Late arrivals, early departure, or other absences from scheduled hours are disruptive and must be avoided. In all cases of absence or tardiness, standby shifts volunteers must provide the Chief with an honest reason or explanation. Documentation of the reason may be required.


d.    Shift volunteers must also inform the Chief two weeks prior of the expected duration of any absence. Absent extenuating circumstances, a standby shift volunteer must call in advance of his or her regular starting time on any day on which the standby shift volunteer has scheduled a shift and will not report to work. Excessive absenteeism (excused or not) may be grounds for disciplinary action.

e.   Day shift members will get a 30 minute break to take lunch, run personal business, go to the gym, ect. Breaks will be taken at different times for each member starting with the first one at 11:30am another at 12:00 and last one at 12:30pm. No two members will take their 30 minute break at the same time. This means during the break time we will always have two members at the station to cover calls. If a member needs to be off for a longer period of time or a different time during their shift that member will need to find someone to cover their shift for that period of time. 




Shift Request


a.    All requested shifts will need to be posted on TheFireHorn®Shift Calendar for CFD by noon on the 23rd day of the prior month.


b.    The request can be made by the day, week, month or year.


c.    All request need approval by the Chief. The Chief has ultimate discretion when it comes to filling the shifts with firefighters.


d.    Anyone signing up for a full-time A-shift (5 days a week) or full-time B-shift (7 days a week) and meet all minimum qualifications will get the first choice if they sign up to the end of the fiscal year (June 30th) in advance for shifts. Full time request will take precedence over part time. Annual sign up for shifts will run from July 1stto June 30th.


e.    Firefighters approved to fill shifts will be determined by their level of training and certifications based on the point system.


Points System


1 Point = Level II Firefighter (400hr)

1 Point = Level I Firefighter (150hr)


2 Points = EMT

1 Point = EMR

1 Point= Swift or Ice Water Tech





a.    A- shift station duties and chores must be completed daily. 


*Note: Trash and Bathrooms cleaning will need to completed every Tuesday and Friday in addition to the daily tasks.


b.    An A-Shift member will be assigned to check trucks and cleaned station #2 every morning.  


c.    Rescue 42 will be CLEANED and CHECKED at the BEGINNING!! of each shift. Driver will check the driver side, passenger side will check passenger side and rear firefighter will check the rear and top side of the truck. All other trucks will be checked in the same manner. Any other trucks that are not clean will need to cleaned after 42 has been cleaned and checked. 

                                                              B Shift

B-Shift will cover from 9pm to 7am 7 nights a week. Shift will only have one member on the shift. Member covering B shift will need to meet minimum requirements.

B-Shift fee will be $50 per shift. B-Shift member will only receive run money of $30.00 for the first call during their B shift. 

1.   Minimum requirements to cover B shift.


·      Member will need to be least a 150-hour certified Firefighter.

·      Member must be at least a EMR.

·      Member must be an approved Driver/Engineer.


*If no one meets the minimum qualifications, then another member that comes closest will be chosen based upon the points system. If you do not meet the minimum qualifications please contact the Chief.


2.   Member on B-shift job duties.

·      B-shift will not have any daily station duties during the shift.

·      B-shift member will need to assist other members with getting all equipment back in service as listed on Run Money policy after any calls on B-shift.



a.   All issued uniforms are property of the Concord Fire Protection District. 


b.   All personnel are required to produce, upon demand by the Fire Chief, or their designee,any issued uniform items and/or official equipment.


c.  The CFPD uniform will consist of a navy blue short/long-sleeved shirt, black belt, navy blue tactical pants, black steeled-toe or composite-toe boots.


d.  All uniform purchases made by the individual at pre-designated stores must have prior approval by the Chief. Example, getting a pair of pants or boots from the uniform store. If a member purchases items before getting Chief approval, they will be held financially responsible. 


e.  Additionally hats, jackets, and/or pullovers maybe furnished by the department for inclement weather wear.


f.  During work hours, members are required to dress and groom themselves in such a manner as to reflect a positive professional image. Any manner of dress or personal hygiene that is disruptive shall be considered inappropriate. 


g.   Members working shifts must be clean shaven. Exception exist for a neatly trimmed mustache. 


h.  Uniforms or protective clothing shall be maintained in a neat, clean and operational state, free of rips, tears, and holes. Notify the Chief or an officer if a replacement is needed.


i.   Members shall not remain in any state of undress or semi-undress during working hours. 


j.   Shirt tails shall be tucked in at all times and boots completely laced/zipped while performing duties.


k.  At no time will any member while in uniform exhibit any behavior which would be considered detrimental to the image of the fire department. This includes the consumption of alcohol and illicit drugs.



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